Elevate Your Presentation and Persuasion Skills Presentation and Persuasion Training for Business Professionals
Deposition, Trial, and Oral Advocacy Training for Lawyers

Shane Read provides persuasion and presentation skills training and coaching to leaders, executives, managers, professionals, and salespeople. He also provides deposition, trial, and oral advocacy skills training and coaching to lawyers.

His training programs always receive the highest ratings because of his exceptional content and presentation. Through years of teaching, training, and being lead counsel on over 100 trials, Shane has put into practice in the courtroom the best strategies of presentation and persuasion. Whether you find yourself in a boardroom, a conference room, or a courtroom, He will show you how to use these same strategies to immediately improve your ability to persuade and influence others.

Business Professionals

Unique presentation and persuasion skills training for business professionals based on the winning techniques that great trial lawyers use


Deposition, trial, and oral advocacy skills training based on my extensive trial experience and award-winning textbooks