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- Crisp and highly entertaining programs. Everyone is engaged. - New tips. You can’t win if you don’t have better skills than your opponent. - Analysis of video of actual trials and depositions teach memorable lessons. - Dynamic interactive approach. Audience never suffers death by PowerPoint.

Captivating litigation training based on award-winning and best-selling textbooks. I can teach your firm or group how to master deposition and trial skills through captivating programs based on best-selling litigation textbooks. Let me provide your attorneys with a memoriable experience.

I am an author of award-winning and best-selling litigation textbooks. Find out how secrets, strategies, and skills in my unique books can immediately make you a better litigator.

Lawyers know they can trust me when I teach them litigation skills. My courses are based on the award-winning content of my litigation textbooks and my experience as lead counsel on countless trials. My programs receive the highest ratings possible because of my extraordinary content and my passion to help