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This may seem like a really obvious maxim, but I just saw it violated in the worst way. I was summoned for jury service and sitting in the voir dire panel in court when the judge asked the lawyers to introduce themselves and their clients. What did the plaintiff’s lawyer

Ronald H. Clark and Thomas M. O'Toole have written a masterful textbook on how to pick a jury so you can win: Jury Selection Handbook. The authors' expertise is a perfect combination for such a book. O'Toole brings his wisdom as a jury consultant, and Clark shares his extensive teaching

In a previous blog, I discussed the greatest myth of cross-examination. It is the myth created by the old Perry Mason television show and continued by Hollywood that causes young lawyers to feel needlessly petrified of cross-examination whether it is at trial or a deposition. The lawyers’ fear comes from

Cross-examination occurs after the attorney who has called the witness to trial has asked her questions, (direct examination). While I believe direct examination is the most difficult part of a trial, cross-examination is the scariest. How do you prove to the jury that the witness who has just helped the