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Winning at Persuasion

This book explains the secrets of persuasion in the courtroom whether it is a trial or a hearing. Learn how to overcome the fear of public speaking, how to tell a story, how to create memorable visual aids, and then analyze how the masters do it in real cases.


Shane Read focuses not only the external, physical mechanics of persuasion but also on the psychological, inner game of persuasion—reminding us to take the time to be creative and yet focus on the end game as we capture the audience through compelling stories.

Jennifer H. Doan - President, The Texas Chapters of the American Board of Trial Advocates (2022)

This is an organized, thoughtful work in which each part builds on what came before. Its pace is careful and consistent, ensuring meticulous coverage of every topic. Its case studies feature keen observations to both educate and motivate the audience to replicate their examples. Read highlights what is in a lawyer's control, saying that every person can study their craft and develop their techniques; but he also acknowledges that, because a person can't control the facts, focusing on what is in one's power is crucial. Thus, though the book's tools are many, the expectations it generates for their implementation are realistic, too. Winning at Persuasion for Lawyers is a compelling career guide that suggests clear means of excelling at courtroom speaking.

Foreword Reviews

Shane Read exhibits two main strengths: He's a very engaging writer, and his book is full of well-chosen quotes from a wide variety of writers and public speakers ("Be yourself; everyone else is already taken"—Oscar Wilde). He buttresses these quotes with his own clearly phrased insights ("Never have a argument but instead have a conversation with the judge and deliver a visual presentation to the jury"). Public speakers of all kinds—and especially courtroom lawyers—will find this book invaluable. A comprehensive, empowering set of strategies for improving public speaking.

Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Shane Read’s masterful book on the art and science of public speaking will change your practice and your life—whatever your age and experience. We can all be trial lawyers if we follow his wonderful scholarship, discipline, and insights.

Edward J. Nevin - Past President, American Board of Trial Advocates

My search for a single book that distills and synthesizes the very best wisdom on persuasion is finally over. Shane Read loads up Winning at Persuasion with invaluable insights and guidance. Here in one volume is a clear, concise set of principles and examples that will enable and empower any lawyer to become a master at persuasion.

Quentin Brogdon - President, Texas Trial Lawyers Association

Shane Read got it right with this book. I love the combination of legal theory and the psychology of trial. If you follow Shane‘s advice, he can turn you into a great trial lawyer. Shane does a masterful job analyzing what Mark Lanier does in his trials to get such astounding verdicts. This book is loaded with great ideas that will help you improve your presentation before a jury.

Lisa Blue - Past President, The National Trial Lawyers and American Association of Justice, and National Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame Inductee (2015)

About The Author

Shane Read

Shane Read is a bestselling and multiple award-winning author. His textbook Winning at Deposition won the highest honor available for a legal publication: the Association of Continuing Legal Education’s top honor for professional excellence. He is also a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates.

He is an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University’s School of Law, a faculty member of the National Institute of Trial Advocacy, and teaches lawyers throughout the United States.

He is a graduate of Yale University and the University of Texas School of Law. He began his career at Akin Gump in 1989 and worked at the U.S. Attorney’s office in Washington, D.C. from 1992-1998. Since 1999, he has practiced civil law in Dallas, TX where he resides with his wife and three children.