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Shane’s expertise and track record of success can provide you with the competitive advantage and winning edge you need. His advice, insights, presentations, and training sessions are based on his successes in and out of the courtroom, and which can help you in the court of public opinion — or anywhere else. Do yourself a favor: Put Shane to work for yourself, company, or organization today.

Edward Segal - Author, Crisis Ahead: 101 Ways To Prepare For And Bounce Back From Disasters, Scandals, And Other Emergencies

If you need to persuade anyone of anything anywhere, Shane Read is your one stop shop for expert advice. He is an accomplished trial lawyer being lead counsel on innumerable jury trials and has spent over 30 years teaching and putting into practice in the courtroom the best strategies to persuade and present ideas to others. Shane has coached lawyers, accountants, doctors, engineers, and others enhancing their persuasion, presentation, and influencing skills, with the result being they captivated, motivated, and inspired their audiences. They say those that can do, and those that can’t coach. Shane is that rare individual that does both. Hire him and see your influence on others soar!

Frank DiBartolomeo - Speaker, Presentation Coach, National Speakers Association (NSA) Professional Member, Author of Speak Well and Prosper: Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Better Presentations

Shane is the go-to person when it comes to persuasion and presentation skills coaching and training. His education, expertise, and experience make him a real subject matter expert. His programs are engaging, interactive, and content-rich with plenty of take away material. Check out his website and books. Hire him – You’ll be happy you did.

Arnold Sanow - MBA, CSP, Author of Present with Power, Punch and Pizzazz

Shane has the expertise and experience to help anyone in finance or business improve their message and how to present it so they can meet their clients’ needs. He quickly can understand your challenges and give you very thoughtful solutions with concrete steps to solve your problem. He not only has the expertise and experience, but he is very inspiring to learn from.

Saman Samii - Wealth Advisor, UBS Private Wealth Management

From presentation to persuasion in the courtroom, Shane has honed his skills and is now able to empower others to flourish. For the business world, Shane’s approach, strategies, and wisdom have enabled me to be a better leader. I am more confident on stage and in the boardroom and would encourage business leaders to engage his extremely beneficial resources.

Kyle Waldrep - Founder and CEO—Dottid