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Captivating & Engaging Litigation Training Programs

Taught by an Award-Winning Author, Professor, and Highly Experienced Trial Attorney

Lawyers know they can trust me when I teach them litigation skills. My courses are based on the award-winning content of my litigation textbooks and my experience as lead counsel on countless trials. My programs receive the highest ratings possible because of my extraordinary content and my passion to help litigators become their best.

Shane Explains His Unique Programs
Excerpt from Shane’s Keynote Speech

All courses include dynamic presentation of video clips of actual trials and depositions to teach memorable lessons in an exciting format. Any course may be shortened to a half-day or customized to your particular needs.

New strategies and skills based on my award-winning deposition textbook. Learn basic and advanced techniques to take depositions, defend them, overcome difficult opposing counsel, and beat the evasive witness every time.

Based on my latest trial textbook, Turning Points, where I interviewed great trial lawyers, this course examines the secrets, strategies, and skills they shared with me about depositions, trials, and appellate oral arguments.

Innovative techniques from my award-winning textbooks. Learn the secrets to win at trial.

The Art and Science of Public Speaking at Hearings and Trials

What Lawyers are Saying

Read has a gift for speaking and holding people’s attention.




Read has the ability to present new strategies in a unique and entertaining format that will greatly improve your practice.

Bill Mateja, President, Trial Skills Section, Dallas Bar Association

Shane Read is the best legal writer for skills development alive today.

Mark Lanier, recognized internationally as one of the top trial attorneys in the United States.

What a great presentation. Everyone loved it. Read has a gift for speaking and holding people’s attention.

Teresa Schneider, Director of Professional Development and Deputy Managing Shareholder, Winstead PC

Mr. Read is very energetic and loved sharing his experiences.


I thoroughly enjoyed your excellent presentation and materials. I have always been a big fan of McElhaney and I always enjoy reading about and learning from masters of the art of advocacy. I have begun reading Turning Points at Trial and it’s in that mold. Very enjoyable. I have been trying cases for 40 years and have attended more CLE’s than I can count. I lecture frequently here in Minnesota . . . . You are a terrific teacher and I enjoyed (and learned from) your presentation.”


This is the best CLE I have been to. It was especially helpful to those of who have taken hundreds of depositions and have seen it all and probably made every mistake you can make.


Excellent CLE! Best and most interesting CLE I have been to. Absolutely loved the real-life examples.


Training Philosophy

From years of courtroom and teaching experience throughout the country, I developed three core principles about training trial lawyers. A successful training program captivates, educates, and motivates attorneys to immediately improve their practice. Here is what I mean.

  • Crisp and highly entertaining programs. Everyone is engaged.
  • New tips. You can’t win if you don’t have better skills than your opponent.
  • Analysis of video of actual trials and depositions teach memorable lessons.
  • Dynamic interactive approach. Audience never suffers death by PowerPoint.
  • Programs are based on my award-winning deposition and trial textbooks. I am the only author to win the prestigious ACLEA award twice.
  • I receive the highest accolades for teaching wherever I train throughout the USA.
  • I have taught lawyers since 1998 as an Adjunct Professor at S.M.U. School of Law, I am a faculty member of the National Institute of Trial Advocacy and have been trusted by law firms and state bars across the country to train their lawyers.
  • As an award-winning author and professor with vast trial experience, I have the unique credibility to motivate lawyers to become their best. I have also been a full-time trial attorney since 1989, a graduate of Yale University and University of Texas School of Law.
  • I have been lead counsel on over a hundred trials in state and federal court.