>  Winning at Deposition: Video Resources

Winning at Deposition: Video Resources

Chapter 9

Prosecutor explains oath to Clinton

Clinton gives non-verbal answer.

Clinton defines being “alone” with Monica.

Clinton defines “is.”

Clinton “forgets” who told him about Monica’s subpoena.

Prosecutor accuses Clinton of perjury.

Clinton Explains Duty to Tell Truth and “I don’t think so.”

Clinton Denies Affair to Aides.

Badly Worded Questions.

Refreshing a Witness’ Memory.

Clinton Denies Sexual Contact with Willey.

Chapter 10

Witness Loses Cool (1 min.).

[This Video Is No Longer Available]

The River Styx (30 sec.)

Joe Jamail Deposition (3 min.)

Mayor Donald Wilson Deposition (9 min.)

Expert Witness Can’t Do Eighth Grade Math (9 min.)

Gates Deposition Part 1 (10 min.)

Gates Discusses “Killer App.” (10 min.)

Gates Avoids Answering Question (11 min.).

Gates Deposition Part 15 (10 min.)

Gates Deposition Part 16 (10 min.)

Gates Deposition Part 17 (10 min.)


The following clips are provided for further study (number one below) and entertainment (number two).

David Boies Discusses Microsoft Trial at Harvard Law School forum.

Clinton Denies Having Sex with “That Woman” at Press Conference.