>  Winning at Persuasion: Video Resources

Winning at Persuasion: Video Resources

Chapter 2

Fred Rogers Congressional testimony

Chapter 3

Heider & Simmel animation (1944)

Chapter 7

Astros’s owner, Jim Crane, apologizes

J.D. Davis discusses scandal

Cody Bellinger responds to Jim Crane’s apology

Chapter 9

Bryan Stevenson’s TED Talk

Ray Charles sings “America the Beautiful”

Joel Osteen

Chapter 10

The videos in this chapter were produced by Courtroom View Network. It is the best place to study thousands of videos of trials so that you can learn persuasion and presentation skills.

Mark Lanier’s opening statement

Excerpt of defense counsel’s opening statement

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Bill Gates’s TED Talk

David Christian’s TED Talk

Jim Valvano’s ESPY Speech

Preview: Winning at Persuasion